Video de un fabuloso dormitorio espía para niño o niña.

Este dormitorio espía, tiene de todo para aquellos niños que les gusta el tema de espionaje, como una manija especial para que sólo pueda entrar el dueño del dormitorio con su huella digital, una cámara de video en un oso de peluche, cámaras de video para ver quien esta afuera, anteojos que toman fotos, un pasadizo secreto, entre otros elementos para que su hijo o hija juegue a ser espía en su dormitorio infantil.
Este super dormitorio espía del video, fue diseñado en el programa Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
Boy's spy themed bedroom?
Spy bedroom to who likes the whole espionage theme
How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Spy Base
Spying. It's fun, cool and interesting. Lots of people spy in their bedroom. The bedroom is a good place to spy, but you can't just walk right in and start spying! You need to get the bedroom ready!
1. Get everything out of your room so nothing will be damaged.
2. Decide what items you own are spy-like, and which aren't. Telescopes, ropes, flashlights, mini cameras, dark clothing, blankets that are dark (To hide) and others are all good for spying. Use your common sense on this one.
3. Make two baskets. One for items that are for spying (As stated in step 2) and a basket for ones that aren't. Ofcourse you can keep needed items, but taking away bright items that are useless will help. Put both baskets in another room. You won't need them for the next little while.
4. Go to a paint store and get a paint that is dark. Navy blue is good, a dark/forest green is also good, as is cola brown, and beige, and grey. If you have lots of blankets in one good spy colour, lets say navy blue for an example, obviously you should paint your room navy blue, so that you won't have to buy more blankets.
5. Paint the room and pick some items that will allow you to spy. If you have left over paint, try painting drawers and closet doors. If you have a big closet, try putting in some lights and a computer, note pad and other spy items and make it a spy closet! This even works for smaller closets, just put only a laptop and maybe a blanket or two to sit on.
6. Get dark, thick curtains. No one will be able to see in when you close them. That will help greatly! It also will insure you that no matter how "spy-ish" your room looks, no one will know!
7. Get dark bedsheets and pillow covers. Everything dark. Why? Because if you have bright items in your room, everyone's eyes will be drawn to it!
8. Collect spy items and put them somewhere in your room. Telescopes and binoculars should be placed/hung around you windows, computers close to a corner where no one will see the light of the screen, random blankets all over the room to hide, etc.
9. Remember that the room should look like it's lived in, just not overly noticable!
Fuente en inglés: wikihow.com/Turn-Your-Bedroom-Into-a-Spy-Base via Dormitorios

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